Groom's Pricer

Groom's Price
Short story

Meme (30) is mortified that her relationship with her super pragmatist live-in boyfriend Musa has not culminated in marriage yet after 9 long years. She will not be strung along and wants the security that comes with that ring! She confronts Musa, who wants to finish his degree and cannot afford to pay the required bride price for another 2yrs and the couple to agree to Meme’s suggestion that she pays a ‘groom price’ instead.

When she fails to win her repulsed, traditional family over with logic, Meme bribes her shrewd Aunt Tutu (50) to represent her at the groom price negotiation. D-day arrives and Meme’s delegation, led by Aunt Tutu, is up against a formidable opponent in Musa’s money thirsty uncle, Malume Jackson (60). 6 months bank statements, man virginity tests and many battered egos later; the groom’s price is set. But Meme and Musa’s relationship doesn’t go uninjured. With Meme’s “lady-respectability’ attacked and Musa’s masculinity questioned, the couple is not agreeing as Malume Jackson’s demands go even bigger.

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