Short story

Nkamogeleng has never seen her own beauty because everything around her tells her she is not beautiful. She doesn’t even know why her mother gave her such an ugly name. How desperate can a mother be to ask the world to just “accept” their child? Nkamogeleng has spent the last 10 of her 18 year-old life perfecting the skill of fitting in. Heat Magazine has taught her just what gossip to bring up in conversation, Beyonce’s music videos have taught her just what body parts to gyrate and when; Generations has shown her just how easy it is to wear the perfect weave even under the dry African sky.

In a completely unexpected turn, Thabo the most popular boy in school asks Nkamogeleng to be his date for the matric farewell. Nkamogeleng goes into complete overdrive to please the boy she’s had the biggest crush on since grade 5. Things go a bit too far when the two agree to more than just a dance.

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