Short story

Sena Lartey is a third year medical student following in her beloved father’s footsteps. But she loves writing and secretly dreams of becoming a famous novelist. She stumbles upon a creative writing class and decides to sign up. Here, she meets the enigmatic Bonga, a Zulu journalism student with a barbed tongue and a killer smile. During a spate of Afrophobic attacks, Dr Lartey’s (Sena’s father) medical practice in the CBD is vandalized and he is severely injured. Angry and humiliated, he seriously considers returning to Ghana with his family. He now strongly believes that South Africans are untrustworthy, barbaric, marauding degenerates.

But back in the writing room Bonga and Sena are writing, arguing - and falling in love. When Sena tells her father that she no longer wants to study medicine, but to switch to creative writing, the good doctor wrathfully throws Sena out the family home, and with much righteous indignation, gravely decrees that she dare not return until she learns to submit to his God-ordained authority.

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