Sina Nomakhotshana

Sina Nomakhotshana
Short story

Nolwandle, a staunch Christian and devotee is about to embark on her traditional initiation. She is the apple of her minister father eye. Her critical older sister, Thobile reminds her to keep the family’s honor. Should she misstep and render herself ‘impure’, she will dishonor her late mother and be kicked out of the church and family. Part of the initiation ritual is that Nolwandle has to stay home, participate in the rituals and be confined to her room with other maidens, but she sneaks out to meet Khwezi, her dance partner at the studio in the city.

While they dance, they have electric chemistry beyond dance, and when she gets home, she asks her sister Thobile to help her undergo a sinners cleansing from fornicatory desire. Luckily for Nolwandle, the cleansing will be private while she is “quarantined”, and the family will not be shamed. Until Khwezi shows up at the family home, and the two have to confront their desires while also facing a very traditional family to reveal their love for each other.

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